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“The Truth of Christ: Unclean Spirit Verses Professed Christianity”  
“When Should We Gather Together?” 
"Singing by the Church"  
"The Church: One New Man"  
"The Proper Attitude About Monetary Support"  
" They Cry for Justice"  
"Sinners Condemned: Doomed Because of Sins!"  
"Sinners Condemned: Destined for Fiery Judgement!"  
"Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord"
"Fallen From Grace"
"Blessed is the Man"
"The Good Shepard"
"Regeneration:The Spirit's Work"
"Can the Dead Eat and Drink"  
"Unto What Are We Called"
"Sent By Christ to Preach the Gospel"
"Chosen to Know and Believe, and Understand"
"The Law: A Shadow of Good Things to Come"
"The Great Fight of Afflictions"
"For Whom Did Christ Die?"
"Should We Look for the Good in All People?"
"The God Who is Unknown in Our Day"
"Calvinism Verses Arminianism"
"God’s Sovereignty; Man’s Responsibility"
"God’s Sovereignty; Man’s Responsibility" (Part 2)
"An Answer to the Condition of Our Present Society"
"Receiving Christ and the Altar Call"
"Sovereign Grace and Soul Winning "
"The 'God Loves the World' Phenomenon (A Cover-up for Heresy)"
"Waiting on the God of Our Salvation"
"Baptist or Protestant? A Warning Against Some Subtle Errors!" 
"Whosoever calls shall be Saved" 
"The ‘REVIVAL’ of Our Day"
"The Promise Sure to All the Seed"
"Unity of The Spirit"  
"Seeking or Service"  
"The Subterfuge of Self-Righteous Grace Haters"  
"The Broken Cisterns of Works Religion"  
"Our Calling"  
"Ungodly Yet Justified"  
"The Kingdom of God"  
"The Day of the Lord" 
"What is Faith?"
"The Offence of Christ’s Work"
"The Resurrection and Judgment"  
"Preservation and Perseverance"