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"The ‘REVIVAL’ of Our Day"

With the present terrorists attacks upon the U.S.A. on September 11, 2001 many have heard of the coming "revival" or "awakening" propagated by T.V. gospel hucksters in this country -- U.S.A. They cry that an AWAKENING is about to happen and constantly beg for your support. Let me be blunt and say, "There has never been an Awakening in this country" as many today report it of times past.

Those who are serious students of religious history in this country know that the truth of the gospel has not, at any time, seen any great arousal in the U.S.A. The two proposed "Great Awakenings" of times past in this country have, in truth, been nothing more than the foaming and rise of large free will exercises. While this country has had the gospel of Christ from it’s earliest days there have been no great uprisings of the truth of the free and sovereign grace of God in Christ. Many who once held to some semblance of the truth of the gospel [Baptists, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, etc.] have totally succommed to the falicy of free will religion in this country and abroad.

We have seen a revival of religion, prayer, and a "United" people at large. However, there has been no uniting of the people around the truth of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, we have seen just the opposite. We have seen people of all persuasions and religions unite around the theme of LOVE. Christianity and Islam have both been declared as religions of love with a common bond. This is not true! The only semblance of commonality is that of the God of Abraham, and from there the differences began to greatly widen. True Christanity holds to the God of Abraham indeed, but it flows from there to that same God who is the God of Issac and Jacob in the covenant of redemption. Islam claims an adherence to the God of Abraham but only through the line of Ishmael. Islam distorts, and clearly rejects, the testimony of scripture concerning the person and work of Messiah through the line of Isaac, "In Isaac shall thy seed be called." While Islam does not flatly reject the clear testimony of scripture concerning its own lineage through Ishmael, in fact, Mohammad acknowledged it in that he claimed it of himself (Gen. 25:12-18) it does reject the scriptures testimony of the truth therein (Gen. 21:1-21; 17:20-21) and Ishmael’s troublesome course in this world (Gen. 16:12).

Even Abraham, at first, did cry unto God that His covenant might be made with Ishmael (Gen. 17:18) but this was not according to God’s own sovereign purpose in election by promise unto salvation (Gen. 17:19-22; Gal. 4:21-31). Salvation comes because of the person and work of Christ for the elect among the Jews and the Gentiles. Those who claim an upcoming revival or Awakening among Christians reject full heartedly the sovereign purpose of God in grace in elective, blood redemption by Christ. Apart from an awakening by that grace unto an awakening of obedience to that faith there is nothing more than hyped up religion.

We do not all serve the same God, as some leaders among the religions of this country have stated. The same God is not even served among all who profess Christianity. The weak, pitiful Jesus who wants many things of people but cannot have it for fear of offending their "free will" is not He who was and is the Almighty God manifest in the flesh. All who reject Christ as He is revealed in scripture are in fact antiGod and certainly antichrist.

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