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"An Answer to the Condition of Our Present Society"

Every once and a while those of us who preach the gospel must mention a few things we do not normally mention and let our voices be heard. Yet, in so doing may God yet grant me the subjection over my spirit He gives to His messengers to proclaim His truth in Jesus Christ. So then, is there an answer to the condition of the present society in which we live? Yes. But first let us see the present condition.

The present society is one in which the degradation of even the most basic of decencies and societal order is taking place. The so-called Free Press is hardly distinguishable from the Tabloid Press. Our children may well grow up not knowing there is a difference. Law enforcement prosecutes child pornography on the Internet [and rightly so] while it is promoted with tax dollars in museums. I think they call that "Art." They argue over tax dollars being used to show religious works of "ART" spattered with cow dung, or, the offensive nature of such; yet they dare not use a penny of tax money or even privately funded pennies to post a copy of any of the past messages of men who preached the gospel of Christ. They kill thousands upon thousands of unborn babies, some in the most heinous of ways, and yet they cry, "Save the Spotted Owl" and "Away with the death penalty" for even brutal murderers of children. Go figure? Common sense has given way to Freudian, Skinnerian, Rogerian, and Integrity Group psycho babble. Kill someone with a pole ax and it was because you had a troubled childhood, but use a gun and it was because your father was a hunter. They wonder "why?" children kill children while teaching them they evolved from something less complex than the simplest bacteria, to something as fearsome as a T-rex, to something as "victimized" for its sins as a man, if sin is even admitted at all. Do they even really think children pay enough attention to the supposed "branches" in the "evolutionary chain" to think anything less? Do they really care? Those in politics on the Right lean to the Left; those on the Left lean to the Right; those in the Middle (they are called "Moderates") have ridden the fence so long they have dismembered themselves. Voices of experience are scoffed at as archaic and out of touch while the newer more enlightened minds of tolerance and knowledge drown themselves as well as the rest of us in their inexperience and the evil of their own inventions.

I could go on, but God help me now to answer the question. Is there an answer to the condition of the present society in which we live? Yes, there is an answer. Albeit, it may not be what some may think. Some say, "God is the answer." Such a statement as this needs scriptural qualification. There are those who are saying that God is the answer to solve all our problems in society. I am not of that persuasion! Here is why.

When God’s name is mentioned it is usually in vain -- some by cursing and others by telling lies about Him. "Jesus Christ" is nothing more than a swear word to most, and the rest, save a few God has called out from among them, speak of Him as some weak sissy hoping men will let Him have His way. The worship and honor of God IN CHRIST THE LORD [that is the only way God can be worshiped] is placed with the most base and idolatrous practices as just another religion. This society consumes their sinful lusts and then expects laws and tax dollars to do away with the consequences. There was a time in this society when men spoke through the Spirit of God from the scripture and the majority gave, at least, the semblance of respect. Now the majority cries, "The religious Right." While I reject and have no connection with the religious Right [just ask any of them who really know me and they will quickly disavow me, I would not have to disavow them] I also know this society, in hearing me at any length at all, would place me completely off the scale. Why would I say that? Because I hold to and preach that God is not the answer to solve all of societies’ problems. I say NO! God is Judge, period. He is not the fixer-upper of this world’s problems.

God IS NOT going to solve the problems of this God hating Christ rejecting society. Many times have I heard religious men quote, "All the nations that forget God shall be turned into hell." However, that is not the correct quotation! "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God" is the quotation (Ps. 9:17). Some say this nation once knew God, but even if it did, well, face the fact -- IT HAS FORGOTTEN GOD! Moreover, the wicked [this speaks of individuals] SHALL be turned into hell! The truth of God’s word which men once thundered across this country is that God’s purpose is to save His people from their sins. Get it! HIS PEOPLE. The elect. His sheep. This truth is born out in that, although this was once preached, only His people have bowed in faith believing Christ while the rest have gone their own way.

Someone might answer, But what if men were to join together in peace and harmony and seek to get to God? Would not that solve the problem? No! The last time men did that they built a tower. Let THEM go learn what that meaneth. God’s word to such a society as this, which swallows camels all day long and gags at even the thought of a gnat, is judgement. God’s favor is found only in Christ the Lord and it is He who accepts or rejects us. Salvation is by grace, and none receive Him believing unless they have first been born of God (Jn. 1:12-13) sovereignly by His Spirit (Jn. 3:3-8). And yet, when He rejects, He still holds those rejected responsible for that which is right and just among men, even though doing that cannot earn His favor and gain them entrance into His glory.

It may well be that Congress has no right respecting the establishment of religion for those of this society who hates God, and especially the religion of Christ -- But God does! To the rest of this society it may well be that Congress may not prohibit the free exercise of whatever religion they want to practice in their idolatrous and supposed free will while imagining their own Jesus in which to believe -- But God does!

In conclusion, there is one whole chapter from scripture which I believe, if God has given you eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to believe, it will testify to you this truth I have written herein. It is found in Peter’s second epistle the third chapter. Space fails me, but just a few brief comments: Mankind at large scoffs at Christ’s return doing what is in their own lusts and willingly ignorant of God’s judgement (1-6); the present universe with the ungodly has nothing but judgement in their destiny, God having reserved it for such (7); but during this same time the Lord is longsuffering toward His beloved and all will come to repentance (8-9) while the societies of this day will be decimated with destruction and THE ANSWER brought about for God’s people (10-15). Even Paul wrote about this sovereign purpose of which some things are difficult to understand, which some twist and contradict to their own ruin (16). But since the beloved know these things let them avoid this society’s errors and let their efforts be to know more of grace and The One from whom grace comes (17-18).

If I could stand before the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of this country, or the religious multitudes and the populace in general [although I have no hopes of doing so and do not consider myself so self-important enough to even pray that it be so] I would declare this same message. However, it would not be in hopes of changing anything, but in certain hope by God’s promise that if any among that massive group was one of God’s elect their heart would set to its seal that God is true and they would come out from among them.

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