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"False preachers will NOT let the scriptures get in the way of their theology." -- Joe Galuszek    

"Do not mistake presumption for faith. Faith must have the clear statement of God; presumption is content to assume things that is supposes God might be or do, but without the clear word of God concerning it." -- Art B. Neuenschwander    

"It must be remembered that theology is not philosophy. It does not assume to discover truth, or to reconcile what it teaches as true with all other truths. Its province is simply to state what God has revealed in His Word, and to vindicate those statements as far as possible from misconceptions and objections." -- Charles Hodge   

"Faith glorifies God, for it seeks all in Him, and from Him."
"Faith always glorifies God, for it ventures its all upon His word." -- Robert Traill, 1642-1716  

"Men do not hate their gods nor the god they call ‘Jehovah’, but they hate the living God who is revealed in Jesus Christ and in the Word!" -- Henry Mahan.

"It is impossible for God to lose that which He has found for He is the Power that keeps him." -- Earl Cochran.

"The hope of heaven based upon moral obedience to biblical precepts is nothing more than self righteousness." -- Walter Pendleton.

"God, who requires faith of the elect produces faith in the elect." -- Earl Cochran.

"Heresy cloaked in Biblical language remains heresy." -- W.E. Best.

"Almost all doctrinal error is, really, Truth perverted, Truth wrongly divided, Truth disproportionately held and taught." -- Arthur W. Pink.

"Whenever the gospel is so hashed and cooked up that it becomes palatable to the taste of human wisdom, it ceases to be the gospel that Paul preached." --Sir Richard Hill.

"A religion that has not God for it's Author will be modified and adjusted to suit the temper and spirit of the times..." --copied--

"... there is no probation for a believer in Christ. We are never accepted of God conditionally." -- D. Barnhouse

"The new birth is entirely the work of God, and a man has been saved, generally, for a long time before he has the remotest idea of the nature of what has happened to him by the grace of God alone." -- D. Barnhouse

"Men and women formulate a god of their own imagination with whom they can feel safe and contented. They are not afraid of a god of their own making. But they are afraid of the God of the gospel, a God whose holiness obliges Him to challenge sin wherever it appears. It is unsettling to come face to face with such a God." --Peter Law

"Most Christians are too busy to worship, and many church services are so filled with man-made promotion that God is almost forgotten. People go to church to be spectators at a religious program, not participants in spiritual worship. They spend their time in counting, not weighing! As long as there are ‘results’ nobody cares whether or not God was pleased as His people gathered to honor Him and offer Him spiritual worship….the missing ingredient is worship….ascribing to God worth and not ‘using God’ to produce the results we have already planned." --Warren Wiersbe

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