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"Stand Still, and See the Salvation of the LORD"

"And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians who ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace" (Ex. 14:13,14).

Israel stood trapped between the army of Pharaoh and the sea. Was Israel to perish? Had the LORD so mightily delivered them from Pharaoh's hand in Egypt to be slain by Pharaoh's hand in the wilderness? Was the LORD now so weak that He was unable to carry out His own purpose toward Israel? No! What a testimony to the sovereign grace of God we have in this account. Israel had been redeemed by blood in Egypt, now Israel was to be redeemed by power at the sea. In spite of Israel's rebellious complaint God's messenger stood forth and declared that they were not to fear, stand still, and behold what God was to do for them.

Can you imagine some Israelite saying within himself that standing still was certainly not the thing to do? In our day waiting upon God and His work of salvation is rarely taught. Men and women are so busy going about to establish their own righteousness they trample under foot the truth of God. But what could Israel have done otherwise? If they would have turned to fight the enemy they would have perished. There was no time for the building of boats to carry such a number across the sea. Moreover, what can man do to atone for his great crimes against God? What power does he have to deliver himself? None!

The common theme among preachers today is hurry, move quickly, and make your decision for Jesus. The tactic is to get as many as possible as quickly as possible down the aisles. Sadly, the greatest majority of people are so motivated by such fleshly ploys, beginning without any spiritual sense of a true need for deliverance, they quickly fall by the way side under the pressures of persecution. The Lord Jesus Christ warned about hasty believing (Mk. 4:5,6 cf. vv. 16,17). Certainly the children of Israel were to move forward (vs. 15), but they could not cross until God had opened the way (vs. 16). Israel also had to wait the whole night before the way was prepared before them, and God protected them during this time (vv. 19-21). It was only after God had preformed His work that Israel could cross over to safety (vs. 22).

Our Lord declared the certainly of blessing to the elect (Jn. 17:1,2; Jn. 6:39). Our Lord declared the blessedness of those regenerated by God's Spirit: "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they SHALL BE FILLED" (Matt. 5:6). Of a truth there is no command given that any believer wait to come to Christ, but there is no command given that any unbeliever be rushed into some decision that makes him a believer. Eternal life is a gift from the sovereign Christ.

The Father purposed the salvation of all the elect before the world was. The Son secured the salvation of all the elect in His blood on the accursed tree, witnessed by His resurrection from the dead and ascension to sit at the Father's right hand. The Spirit of God shall apply that salvation to all the elect and bring them to an awarness of it through the gospel of Christ. Salvation is of the LORD! No one will be saved until the Spirit of God works in regeneration, and no one will be lost upon whom the Spirit of God has worked in regeneration.

The religious societies of our day are so busy forcing men and women into emotional decisions that they do not stop to consider if the sea has yet been parted. God had chosen Israel, He had also redeemed Israel by blood, and He would certainly redeem Israel by power; but Israel must wait upon the LORD to work in opening the way, and God protected them in the meanwhile. Is not this the testimony of every one begotten of God? They felt no need to flee to Christ until God revealed to them their lost state. There was no desire to flee to Christ until God implanted it in them. There was no power to flee to Christ until God enabled them. But when He opened the way they willingly crossed over, and they know God had protected them in the meanwhile.

Having said all this let me point out one other truth. It is only when men and women are made to wait by God Himself that they will see the salvation of the LORD. It is not my task to make any wait, any more than it is my task to rush men into some decision; but it is God's business who makes His people wait to see His Christ so that all the glory and honor are His. No amount of action on our part will rush the purpose of God, and no amount of waiting on our part will initiate the purpose of God. It was God who lead Israel to this place to be hemmed in by the sea and Pharaoh's army, and it was God who in His own time opened the way for Israel to cross.

My only word to men and women today is this. Do you see your hopeless state in sin and rebellion against God? Do you see the hoplessness of trying to fight that enemy? Do you see the hopelessness of trying to make your own way of escape from that enemy? Does the prospect of swimming the tide dash your hopes in the darkness of despair? If you do God has brought you there. Do not try to fight off the enemy. Do not try to make your own way of escape. Stand still, and when you see the glory of God revealed in the face of Jesus Christ go forward unto Him in faith believing Him as the salvation of the LORD.

Do you think any Israelite stood on the sea shore and debated whether or not to cross over? What was the alternative but to try and fight the army alone and surely perish! None will stand still any longer who see by faith that way prepared before them (Jn. 6:45). But there is something else to consider. There is little doubt in my mind that many stepped onto that dry ground but they also could see the water towering above them on either side. Will the water hold its place? Will it come crashing in on my head? Yes, beloved, you may have doubts and fears. You may wonder if such grace is really for you. While others may be crossing over, maybe I am not one who will make it. My sins are so great and my crimes against God are so heinous, I deserve the waters to come crashing in upon my head. To you I give these words from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself: "All that the Father giveth me SHALL COME TO ME; and him that cometh to me I WILL IN NO WISE CAST OUT" (Jn. 6:37). The waters will hold and the enemy has been defeated. Christ has fought for you and He won the battle! God's people are accepted of Him in the righteousness of Christ.

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