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We have several Articles that are available in Pamphlet form.  The Pamphlets are 8 and 1/2 inch paper Tri-folded.  We are planning to send them out in sets of 10.   If you would like to have some specify which ones you want and how many.  You can mix the different articles in one group if you want.  10 in a set allows us to let you know how much shipping will cost.  Email us or write us.  Contact Info  If you want you can print them out yourself.  At the bottom of the page the following pamphlet articles are in PDF format.  Click on the link to open the PDF document and then print or save the file.

"Does Man Have a Free Will?" By Michael Gowens
"The Gospel" W.S. Craig
"What is Faith?" Walter Pendleton
"The Extent of God's Foreknowledge" David Pyles
"The 'God loves the World' Phenomenon (A Cover up for Heresy)" Walter Pendleton

PDF Documents

Pamphlet #1 "Does Man have a free will?"
Pamphlet #2 "The Gospel"
Pamphlet #3 "What is Faith?"
Pamphlet #4 "The Extent of God's Foreknowledge"
Pamphlet #5 "The 'God loves the World' Phenomenon (A Cover up for Heresy)"