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Watch for (Ghent/Flat Top) Exit 28 which is the last exit before the tolls start. 

At the end of the exit ramp take a right on Route 48.  After about 1/8 of a mile you will run into Rt. 19. 

Take a left onto Rt. 19 North.  You will stay on Rt. 19 North for about 8.2 miles

Take a right onto Rt. 307 West which takes you to Little Beaver State Park

On Rt. 307 you will travel about 2.8 miles which will take you a little past the State Park. 

NOTE:  The Map seems to show Country Club Drive turning into the State Park.  It does not turn into the Park.   You must go past the Park and around the sharp turn first.   Once you get around the turn then start looking for Country Club Drive.

Shortly after the Park you will take a right onto Country Club Drive. After about 1/4 of a mile take a left onto Annebelle Lane.   Another 10th of a mile and the Chapel will be on the left.